27 September 2011

Art Meets Fashion | Maiko Takedo مـــــــــايكـــــــو تــــــــــاكيـــــــدو

COLLAR02/Simone Rocha

Love this art work that you can wear, Maiko is one of the rare jewellery designers who makes wearing art so easy and beautifully natural, I personally loved the hat that reflects lips on the back of the shoulder..no words to describe this collection of wearable art exhibition material, only feelings!

About: "Numbers + logic + space form the common denominator in all Maiko Takeda pieces. It’s a world in which the simple will seem complicated and order turns to chaos. But do not be afraid to indulge, as at the end you will always find that the common denominator stands (right there at the bottom where it belongs). Maiko Takeda grew up in Tokyo in a green and quiet area, a rarity for such an eclectic city. As life goes, it would be exactly these small oddities of the big picture that would dominate her work. It’s not merely about the contrast its about respecting each shape, each material, each stone to the detail and evince all its diversity. With her the devil truly lies in the details. After having moved to London she still seems to be as immune to modern pop culture as ever but then again isn’t timelessness always the essential component, to an everlasting piece of art." www.maikotakeda.com

Comments by: Amal Ismail
Photography & About:courtesy of
maikotakeda.com - faketokyo.com
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