27 September 2011

Art Meets Fashion | Maiko Takedo مـــــــــايكـــــــو تــــــــــاكيـــــــدو

COLLAR02/Simone Rocha

Love this art work that you can wear, Maiko is one of the rare jewellery designers who makes wearing art so easy and beautifully natural, I personally loved the hat that reflects lips on the back of the shoulder..no words to describe this collection of wearable art exhibition material, only feelings!

About: "Numbers + logic + space form the common denominator in all Maiko Takeda pieces. It’s a world in which the simple will seem complicated and order turns to chaos. But do not be afraid to indulge, as at the end you will always find that the common denominator stands (right there at the bottom where it belongs). Maiko Takeda grew up in Tokyo in a green and quiet area, a rarity for such an eclectic city. As life goes, it would be exactly these small oddities of the big picture that would dominate her work. It’s not merely about the contrast its about respecting each shape, each material, each stone to the detail and evince all its diversity. With her the devil truly lies in the details. After having moved to London she still seems to be as immune to modern pop culture as ever but then again isn’t timelessness always the essential component, to an everlasting piece of art." www.maikotakeda.com

Comments by: Amal Ismail
Photography & About:courtesy of
maikotakeda.com - faketokyo.com

23 September 2011

Vogue Australia October | Room With A View - Jessica Hart

Issue: October 2011 Photographer: Eric Guillemain 
Photos: courtesy of 2bmanagement.com

21 September 2011

Brand Alert& Interview | Berence - Polo Wear

Designer Tarik Adam

Q When did you realize that having your own fashion brand was important to you?
When I was a kid I used to borrow my father's clothing from his wardrobe, I wanted to have his elegance and still do! hence at the age of 13 I decided to create a brand that would mix my father's elegance with modern fashion. At the beginning I wanted the brand to have my name and call it ADAM.T then BERENCE inspired me so I adopted it.
Q What's the story behind the name of your brand "Berence"?
Well, It is quite complicated but to make it short, part is a small town in Africa where my father grew up (BER) and the other part is the end of the word elegance (ANCE -ENCE).
Q Why did you choose to do Polo Wear ?
Because Polo is the only piece of clothes that can be worn for sports, casual and for more elegant occasion.  
Q How did you feel when you saw your first collection out? also how did you feel when you opened your 1st store?
I was completely out of my mind and it was a disaster. I was studying and was launching at the same time my first polo collection which was entirely made in Paris,  as I was a complete novice/debutant, manufacturer and other service providers drove me crazy with negotiations, quality check etc... Hence, yes, I have learnt a lot from that experience but as well, had a collection that was 6 months late than what we usually do for selling a collection.
Q What were your inspirations for your last collection?
I would say from my parents mixed heritage to Switzerland, as my father is from Sudan and my mother is from india. I like to put a bit of colors, the natural with a bit of spice mixed to the conventional, the classic elegance from where I have grown up, Switzerland.
Q You live in Geneva, what is the most inspirational place for you in the city?
Geneva is a small town and as a "Geneva Boy" I like every single part of the town but I would say the most inspirational place in the city would be in the countryside of town, where we used to ride horses, enjoy the mountains around us and chill. 
Q Where would you want to see your brand go " which cities or countries"?
I think BERENCE can fit in every country in the world. We are already working with countries like the UK, France, Germany and Italy and we will soon start our communications with Spain and Scandinavian countries but I think Middle Eastern countries can be a good start after Europe, cities Like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah would be interesting places to continue our growth.
Q A dream fashion show, where and with who (model)?
Since I love horses and polo, I think doing a fashion show in stables where people would sit in the horse box, while the catwalk could be the corridor in front of them.. as for models, James Dean, young Marlon Brando, young Sean Connery, Roger Moore, etc... just kidding! As we haven't launched yet our female collection, I never had the time to see which female model would categorize the brand. For men we used to work with Lucien Thomkins and I have liked very much what he can give and how he can be in front of a camera. 

Now About You...

A favorite designer?
Ralph Lauren! 
Your favorite city to for shopping?
Who is your fashion icon/ muse?
My Fiancée Alexandra.
What advices would you give to anyone who wants to do a Polo oriented label?
Be patient, be tenacious and find a good printer.
How do you see your brand in 5 years?
With a normal growth in every continent of the globe. 
How would you describe yourself?
Fun, creative, ambitious!
The clothes in which you feel most like yourself?
A BERENCE polo Shirt. 
And for glamor evenings?
a Morning dress or Smoking.
The first thing you do in the morning?
Check my emails, drink coffee.
The last thing you do at night?
Check my emails, drink tea.
Do you still have the same friends?
Depends from when, since I have started my friends were a lot supportive and they still are. 
What's your favorite holiday destination & why?
There are many, depending on which mood I am. I love Marrakech for having a rest and to stay with my finance, going horseback riding in the desert and eating Tajines. St-tropez is where we usually go for small week ends as it is 4h by car from Geneva, it is nice for parties or just chilling near the pool...

Many thanks to Designer Tarik Adam for answering all of our questions so vigorously, It's always so inspiring to read about how designers 1st start building their dream & looking for ways to transfer them one day into reality.. hope you all enjoyed reading about this brand as much as we did and to all of you specially the horse riders/polo playing readers! make sure to look for it and purchase some Berence soon..

Article by: Amal Ismail

13 September 2011

Vibe Magazine - Vashtie Is King | مجـــــــلة فـــــــايب

Mercura- Crown and cuffs, Larucci- earrings
Hernan Lander- blouse, H&M - Blouse
Walter Stieger- shoes
Larucci- earrings and cuff, Circa Sixty Three- Necklace used as belt
H&M- shorts and dress used as blouse, Mercura- necklace
Walter Stieger- shoes
H&M -Pants and blazer, Larucci- ring and earrings
Walter Stieger- shoes
Oriett Domenech- top, Hernan Lander- Pants, Cuffs-Larucci
Mercura- crown and necklace, Walter Stieger- shoes
Oriett Domenech- top, Hernan Lander- Pants, Cuffs-Larucci
Mercura- crown and necklace
Hernan Lander- blouse, H&M - Blouse, Mercura- Crown and cuffs
Larucci- earrings, Walter Stieger- shoes
Larucci- earrings and cuff, Circa Sixty Three- Necklace used as belt
H&M- shorts and dress used as blouse, Mercura- necklace
Walter Stieger- shoes

Photos: courtesy of vibe.com, photography: Justin Hyte
Styled by Oscar Montes de Oca

11 September 2011

TREND | How Do You Like Your Manicure?

We all know that nothing completes a gurl's look more then a nice clean manicure does! wither you like it simple, french or trendy you know it makes you feel good and adds so much more to what ever you are wearing, here are some of our favorite manicure trends from this year...


Nail polish art

Metallics <3

Photos:courtesy of cnngo.com, Flip-Flop-Fantasy, 
nailart-fashionpictures.org and emeraldsparkled.

10 September 2011

Brand Alert | Fyunka فـيـــــــونــــــــكـه

Pay good attention to this logo and to this brand because their bags are spreading around your local boutiques and soon will be a must have! Fyunka "Bow" in Arabic is a line of Arabian inspired designs with the influence of popular culture. The Saudi brand is by the talented Alaa Balkhy, who is a graphic design graduate from Dar Alhekma College - Jeddah, along with being the founder of Fyunka she also does all the illustrations and the graphic work herself. A side from all of that she is a fashion/art/lifestyle blogger and a freelance graphic designer. Here is our interview with the beautiful Alaa along with  Fyunka's campaign pictures.
When did you start your passion for fashion?
During my junior year at college I started my second job at the fashion industry as a graphic designer and I fell in love with fashion, I loved the process of creating fashion, from the lovely fabrics to the branding, being around that environment where you appreciate everything fashion related. 

Who supported you during your first steps?
My Parents were so supportive with Fyunka, I wouldn't have been able to do it without them, also my amazing friend Nada Hakeem is one of my main supporters.
Being a Saudi designer, who is established here, were there some difficulties specially  in terms of getting the bags done?
Yes there have been difficulties, drivers issues was the first thing also the fact that I had to go to the printers multiple time just to make sure that everything was perfect all the colors were exactly how I wanted them to be, lack of professional factories was another problem but thank god everything worked out perfectly!
Where do you find your inspiration: at a place, in people, music or others? And what is it?
Movies, memories, sometimes I simply get inspired by just going through blogs, seeing what other people see through their perspectives.
When did you start your blog? and what was the first thing that you published?
I started my blog in 2009 and I kind of forgot about it,then went back to actively blogging during the summer of 2011 right after I graduated. I started drawing random illustrations with quotes and publishing them daily and the feedback I got from people was really amazing, so I just kept doing it.First post I published were graphic designs related to projects I did in college, graphic designs projects that I liked and then it turned into fashion, lifestyle and something that brings fashion and graphic design together and this is what works best for me.
Can you give a word of advice to any of our talented girls out there who might need some guidance to achieve their goals & dreams?
Nothing comes easy, opportunities only come once in a lifetime if you work hard enough you will get there. Everyone should get a part-time job during college just to see how it is, get more experience and explore career options for later on, do what you love because this way you'll give from your heart.

Fyunka is available at S*uce boutiques across the UAE and Impression boutique in Doha, Qatar.**Please support Fyunka by liking their Facebook page here, you can also check Alaa's blog here. 

Photos:courtesy of Fyunka by Alaa Balkhy

09 September 2011

Exclusive | La Moda Arabia Teamed Up With "Fashion Week Tour" For Vogue's Fashion Night Out

Nawel  Nedjari - Fashion Week Tour Paris
Model Leigh Leizerk, always looking cool!
Nawel Nedjari & Leigh Leizark
The New "Patch Eye Liner" from Dior
The Beautiful Natasha Polly

Fashion’s Night Out  started 2 years ago in New York as a celebrity-studded event that would in a way  make shoppers hit the stores again & start buying during the recession period but now it has become a yearly fashion festival all around the globe..maybe next year Dubai will do it too and join the international fashion community. Now we'll leave you with a video about the whole event which happened yesterday in Paris..enjoy!!
 Vogue's Fashion Night Out:

Photos:courtesy of Nawel  Nedjari & fashionweektour.com
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