03 August 2011

Sultan Al Darmaki | The Gulf's Sensational Shoe Master

When we first saw Sultan's shoes, we couldn't help but want to know more about him. It's not that often we hear about an Emirati shoe designer who isn't just doing a great job craftsmanship wise but also artistically! so we simply decided that it's time we put him on the "People We'll Keep An Eye On List" here's an interview we did with the fabulous Darmaki London Team ..

Q When did he start?
Sultan began sketching at a very young age due to an unyielding passion for beautiful things, and the idea of making a career in the fashion world crystallised a couple of years ago when he was overcome with the feeling that shoe design was his ‘calling’, since then and coupled with sheer hard work and determination, everything has fallen into place for this breakthrough designer. With established teams in the UAE, Italy and the UK, Sultan Al Darmaki is already beginning to take the fashion world by storm.

Q Why did he choose to be a shoe designer?
Due to an innate artistic talent and thanks to his family's influence and upbringing, Sultan Al Darmaki has had a deep sense of admiration and appreciation for art and specifically fashion as an art form. Design and creativity as manifested in footwear became a passion and he became fascinated by the way in which shoes can reflect a person’s personality and empower the wearer as an "objet d'art".

Q What was his inspiration for this collection?
Following the philosophy of Andre Perugia, Sultan Al Darmaki believes that a woman’s personality is revealed in her shoes. He is inspired by beauty in all its forms with his designs transforming ephemeral beauty into a wearable art form.  Sultan Al Darmaki is an enthusiastic and passionate designer who has reinterpreted the art of shoe design by daring to marry a combination of luxurious and rare raw materials in each design.  His vision embraces women of all generations and his designs span a wide range of emotions reflecting witty finishes, glamorous impact and classical lines.

Q  How can he describe himself as a designer?
Being a designer hailing originally from the United Arab Emirates and having had a cosmopolitan upbringing means Sultan has an uncompromisable understanding of both Middle Eastern women and the refined and sophisticated taste of the international female luxury consumer, this can be seen in how the DARMAKI brand fuses cutting edge trends and techniques with a truly sensual and feminine twist. Distinguishing DARMAKI from other designer footwear brands, each shoe has the intricate detail and high-quality mixed material which gives each shoe its own unique inspirational character, as well as a challenging and innovative base construction and extraordinary use of motifs.  For Sultan Al Darmaki, designing is about putting his personal vision of the ultimate in beauty and femininity into reality.

Q Where can our readers buy his collection from?
The debut DARMAKI collection has had an incredible response from stockists and is available at a number of boutiques and stores across the world including Bullets and Butterflies Boutique in Dubai, Impressions Boutique in Qatar and The Luxury Emporium which is an online luxury boutique based in Ireland.

Many thanks to Ella Wells who helped us in answering all these questions and to Sultan Al-Dramaki..lots of love and we can't wait to see your new collection in couple of months..


You can see the full Darmaki AW 2011|2012 collection 
and Campaign Video on the Official site here:


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