08 August 2011

Marc Jacobs Luxury Book Store | BOOKMARC مكتبــــة مارك جاكوبس

If you're heading to New York or LA anytime soon and you're a big fan of Marc Jacobs but never heard of this store "BookMarc" before? Well, it's time you put it on your schedule..We've just read about it "shame on us" and can't believe it's been around for a whole year now..MJ's store is where you'll find most of his inspirations! so you can buy stationary, photography books, art and the cherry on top is the fact he'll also create his own books with selected artists..I'm praying to god that he opens more stores in other places soon, preferably Dubai so I can move into that store obviously..

 "I believe that I can die happy after buying an Andy Warhol 
book from a Marc Jacobs Bookstore" Amal Ismail

Photos:courtesy of ny.racked.com,
styleintown blog

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