16 August 2011

HELLO KITTY & SWAROVSKI | تعــــــاون بين هــيلـو كيتـــي و ســــــواروفسكـــي

If you are a chic "Hello Kitty" fan then this is what you have been waiting for, Swarovski have partnered up with Japan's "Hello Kitty" for the 1st time, the collection has hit the market this month and I must say the accessories and miniature kitties look oh so fabulous! I remember buying "Hello Kitty" items for school when I was a a little girl like most of you, I'm sure! so it's very nostalgic.. I'm considering these right now, seriously what woman can resist sooo much sparkle? 

 Launch Party in Tokyo 

Photos: courtesy of plussixfive.com

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